Our Mission

At Quantum Numerics, we are improving existing structures of data driven legacy systems as well as implementing new ways of turning data to knowledge. With our completely new approach to problem solving, we will help you save time and money, while providing a safe environment for your data. Quantum Numerics provides companies, international organisations and policy-makers with data analysis and hands on solutions to execute on the new technological frontier.

The Quantum Race is on
and we get you ready for the future!

Here to stay

Quantum technologies have emerged from basic research into the realm of real world applications.

Massive potential

Governments, corporations and the wider public are slowly waking up to the enormous potential that the next technological revolution entails.

A universe of possibilities

Practical applications and scenarios for leveraging quantum technology in manufacturing, space, cyber and transportation are being discovered at an unprecedented pace.

Our Offer

About Us

At Quantum Numerics we believe that we can only move forward, if we work together. Therefore, our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This creates the basis for lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust and mutual understanding.

Our CEO, Patrick O’Keeffe, is an expert in various fields. With his 10+ years experience as a Consultant, Managing Director and Member of the Board of several German based companies, Patrick O’Keeffe combines best practices from management to technical solutions.

The Research and Development branch of Quantum Numerics is the heart of the company. The team developing the solutions you need, includes a PhD in Computer Science with a specialization in cloud-scale computation and advanced algorithms and 10+ years experience in the area, as well as excellent young academic talents.

Our Communications team is the interface between the clients and the Research and Development team and  makes sure all clients are well taken care of. Our head of Communications, Karoline Grell, has 2+ years experience in international organisations and a strong focus on sustainability.

Our Supervisory Board

Andreas Lindenblatt

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Daniela Lindenblatt

Business Administrator

Jens Kindiger

Puerto de la Cruz

Our Values

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are a set of goals designed by the United Nations, outlining objectives for sustainable global development to be reached by the year 2030.

At Quantum Numerics, we believe in applying these principles to our practices and taking the initiative to create a more sustainable world in conjunction with our clients’ needs. We are proud to execute this strategy, and are prepared to meet our client’s needs with sustainability principles in mind without compromising on quality.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

At Quantum Numerics we help our clients create new approaches to growth that champion sustainability. We take complex problems and provide solutions that acknowledge the most important elements of sustainable innovation.

Responsible consumption and production

Quantum Numerics provides guidance for our clients to operate in adherence to sustainability. We deliver tailored services to clients that incorporate a conscious effort to reduce energy consumption and to pursue hardware recycling.

Partnership for the Goals

We understand that general capacity-building and in-house policy is fundamental to embedding values of sustainability into a company. Quantum Numerics will engage in a multifaceted approach towards sustainable development.

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Patrick O'Keeffe

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Andreas Lindenblatt


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